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Sikhuphe Airport to cost E1.5 billion - PM

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By Timothy Simelane - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-08-Aug-2009

The Sikhuphe International Airport will cost the taxpayer E1.5 Billion, Prime Minister Dr. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini said.

Part of the money – approximately E180 million - was donated by the Republic of China on Taiwan.

The PM was speaking at the airport construction grounds on Friday after conducting a guided tour of the project on progress made so far.

“Most of the money for the construction of the airport came from the taxpayer. We are also grateful to the Taiwanese government for the E180 million, which was used in the construction of the air traffic control tower and other essentials.

The PM said he was confident that the airport construction would be complete by June next year. He said the Sikhuphe dream was conceived in 1980, during the reign of King Sobhuza II.

“We were pleased when His Majesty King Mswati III cut the sod in 1999 for the construction of the airport. Though we have made tremendous progress to date, we still have a huge task to market the airport and solicit aircraft companies to use it. We are confident that eventually, the airport will be busy. Dlamini said it was also pleasing to note that the airport was constructed by Swazi companies – Inyatsi Construction in joint venture with S&B.

He said the airport would improve infrastructure and in the area and make jobs available. “The airport will also bring water to the area, which will also be used by the community,” he said. Taiwan Ambassador Leonard Mashesha Chao said the assistance given by Taiwan for the construction of the airport was a fine example of the commitment Taiwan has to strengthen relations with Swaziland.

He said Taiwan and Swaziland were celebration 41 years of marriage.

Chao said he was confident that the airport would help boost international trade and make Swaziland accessible. Minister of Economic Planning and Development Prince Hlangusemphi said the resumption of construction had proved critics wrong. “Some said it would never start, whilst other said it would be a white elephant. They will all be proved wrong.”

The Prince said the airport construction was guided by the International Civil Aviation Organisatioin (ICAO).

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Comments:i will love to say thank you so much to those that helps building this lovely airport we love it so much and can't wait to land on it when it's done, we thank God the father for wonderful people that we have who truly love the kingdom of Swaziland surly God the father has purpose for this wonderful country. we love you swaziland and we can't wait till you are beautiful with your new international airport.

From:Caleb Abraham. - Swaziland (01-Sep-2010)

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