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Princess performs her ‘virginity dance’

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LUDZIDZINI – Her Royal Highness Princess Sikhanyiso performed her show-stopper ‘virginity dance’ under floodlights yesterday as the 2012 Reed Dance Ceremony progressed into the twilight

It was around 5:55pm when the princess took centre stage to perform the last dance of this year’s event and all focus was turned onto her.

New Imbali leader Nonduzo Zubuko and princesses including Temaswati and Temtsimba had set the stage for the Inkhosatana with their fine dancing.

The song ‘angeke balinuke’ was sung by the thousands of maidens as the Inkhosatana began dominating the arena. The lighting of the arena had been switched on 20 minutes earlier due to dusk setting in.

She seemed to have wetted the maidens and spectators’ appetite with her dance moves and she upped the tempo when the song titled ‘giya ngabisa’ followed.

Then came the moment that everyone seemed to have been waiting for: the princess showcasing her best dance moves. The maidens raised their voices and sang the song ‘mine ngilitjitji phaca’, which the princess unveiled in 2010 at the same venue and during the same event.

As soon as the song began, the princess went into full gear doing break dance and slow motion moves – much to the appreciation of the multitudes in attendance.

The Princess then threw her traditional axe (sizeze) and shield to the ground while continuing to dance.

She then bent her body halfway as if to touch the ground with her back but only to raise it up again and the crowd cheered. She continued bending all the way backwards until she touched the ground with both her hands and the crowd loved it.

She then fell flat on her back and then rose up to mark the end of her dance. People were taken by surprise as they had not anticipated the princess’ dance.

Master of ceremonies Wendy Hleta, the Police Public Relations Officer, later informed the thousands present that the dance performed by the princess was in celebration of her virginity.

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