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Maidens march to Ludzidzini royal palace

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NGABEZWENI - Thousands of maidens in a jovial mood yesterday marched to Ludzidzini Royal Residence after the cutting of reed at Mpisi Farm on Thursday.

The maidens were led by Princess Sikhanyiso and newly appointed Imbali leader Nonduduzo Zubuko during the march, as part of the ongoing Umhlanga ceremony.

Maidens are expected to rest today then deliver the reeds in the presence of the King, the Queen Mother and royal family members tomorrow.

The main day will be on Monday, September 3.

Umhlanga is the annual ceremony attended by young girls to cut reed at Mphisi Farm and Bhamsakhe.

Maidens who commit offence to be sent home NGABEZWENI- Maidens who are found to have committed an offence during the reed dance will be taken back home with immediate effect.

This was disclosed by Acting Imbali Overseer, Sijabuliso Ndzinisa yesterday. Ndzinisa said the decision was reached to clearly show Imbali that irresponsible behaviour would not be tolerated during Umhlanga.

"If any of the Imbali are found drinking alcohol or committing any other offence they will be taken back home. This will be done to show others who might contemplate breaching the rules to think twice before committing an offence," said Ndzinisa.

Furthermore, Ndzinisa stressed that all maidens were strongly discouraged from wearing extended long- hair including weaves.

They were also discouraged from doing manicures, wearing make-up and doing other body decorations and artworks such as tattoos and piercings which may be an impediment to maidens as they participate during the royal assignment.

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