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Nkwene ‘predator’ finally arrested

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By Starsky Mkhonta - SWAZI OBSERVER-31-Jul-2009

THE alleged Nkwene predator has finally been arrested.

Surprisingly, it is not the most wanted prison escapee, Phumlani Motsa as it has always been suspected. The police find is Mbuso Dlamini (22) of Magele near Hlatikulu who was arrested on Monday in town. Dlamini has been charged with four counts, two rapes and two robberies.

In one of the rape cases, he is said to have raped a 63-year-old widow, whom he allegedly attacked while she had gone to collect firewood in a forest near Tincangosini. He allegedly raped the gogo at knife point. Dlamini was spotted by one of the females he had raped a couple of weeks ago while she had her baby on the back. The rape ordeal took place near Mehlwabovu. Dlamini had given police and residents a torrid time by eluding them yet striking on his victims at regular intervals. Upon noticing the rapist, the woman, who was in the company of her mother, rushed to alert the Hlatikulu Police while she left her mother to keep an eye on him. In less than 30 minutes, plain clothed police officers (CIDs) arrived and Dlamini was arrested.

Itís said, having raped the 26-yea-old woman on July 10, 2009; he then raped the 63-year-old on July 15, 2009. The suspect is said to have yesterday confessed. A piece of blue cloth and a bush-knife have been collected as part of the evidence.

The four counts he faces are two of rape, the third is that of robbery in that on July 7, 2009, he robbed one Jabu Simelane of Sibhowe items and money and in the last count, the suspect has been charged of robbing one Sibongile Methula of Emtsintaneni.

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