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Take physical fitness seriously – King tells nation

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Stories by Fanyana Mabuza - SWAZI OBSERVER-18-Apr-2012


His Majesty the King has advised the nation to take seriously the issue of physical fitness, saying it was a healthy habit that should be adopted by every Swazi.

Speaking at a press conference at Lozitha after the departure of the President of the Republic of China on Taiwan yesterday morning, the King said he and the president had engaged in a series of physical training sessions to highlight to the nation the importance of exercise.

“Training can also be economical as it can save one a lot of money in clothing. You would not have to buy new clothes every now and then as a result of gaining weight if you train regularly.

I have heard that there have been programmes like ‘Shukuma Swaziland’ in the past, and they were good as they kept the nation at peak physical fitness.

Sometimes you can hardly tell whether a person was male or female as a result of obesity and this was not good. That is why I and the president engaged in the training sessions so that we can send a message to the nation,” he said.

The King, however, could not respond to questions from Channel S Director Qhawe Mamba, who wanted to know whether he would insist that the prime minister, ministers and heads of security forces be encouraged to undertake the training routines so they could lead by example.

On another note, the King said President Ma’s delegation had been impressed by what they saw during the two-day visit to the country, saying among the things that impressed them was the roads infrastructure which indicated to them that the country was indeed moving in the right direction towards being an investor’s destination of choice.

He then noted that the president had also urged the country to continue lobbying for its admission to the United Nations family, a stand Swaziland has supported for many years. “Our stand over this issue shows that as countries we need each other despite the levels of economic development. Clearly, even first world countries do at times need the support of third world countries and this amply demonstrates the importance of cooperation among the community of nations,” he said.

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