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Over 300 at Gundvwini marula celebration

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Stories by Faith Vilakati - THE SWAZI OBSERVER-12-Mar-2012

OVER 300 people gathered at Gundvwini Royal Kraal to celebrate the marula season, where close to 200 litres of the brew was collected.

The area is under the leadership of Prince Logcogco, also chairman of Liqoqo. Also present at the event were Prince Mguciso and Chief Nkamane of Lwandle. Activities of the day were almost similar to the annual national celebration held at Buhleni and Hlane Royal Kraals.

At the Gundvwini celebration, imbali and libutfo from the area were given a chance to dance before the princes and other invited guests. Lutsango stole the show when it displayed its dancing skills and kutsamba, led by the royal kraal princesses. Prince Logcogco’s wives also participated in the dance.

In random interviews, most of the women appreciated the initiative to celebrate the marula season even at umphakatsi level as some were unable to attend the national ceremonies and therefore, did not get a chance to honour Their Majesties and show respect to their chiefs.

Ellen Dlamini said; “for a long time now I celebrate the season here at umphakatsi and I enjoy every minute in that I am able to dance before my chief and learn other dancing styles from the other women gathered here”. Mumcy Dlamini said what she enjoyed the most was that she was able to go to the umphakatsi in the morning and back home late in the afternoon, adding that it worked better for her because she had to look after her diabetic husband. She said she would attend the ceremony even next year and would bring her daughters with her.

Others present during the celebration were Swaziland National Council of Arts and Culture (SNCAC) Chief Executive Officer Stanley Dlamini, who was the programme director, Mtfongwaneni MP Patrick Gamedze, elders of the area and other senior members of the royal kraal.

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