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Man (69), lover burn to death

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EKUPHELENI – A 69-year-old man was killed together with his 35-year-old fianceé on Wednesday evening when a mysterious fire burnt them inside their stick and mud house

The new lovers, Dan ‘Mandlazi’ Nzima and Busisiwe Makhanya, were found burnt beyond recognition by neighbours and residents of this area situated at Motshane, about 15 kilometres North West of the capital city, Mbabane. The two had reportedly been living together for just three weeks and Nzima was planning to marry her the traditional way.

What is more mysterious about the couple’s death is that they were burnt inside the house and failed to come out yet there was no door as it had been removed for unexplained reasons, as yet. The house’s wooden door was found placed inside another house that is still under construction and it was not even the least burnt.

Zeblon Nzima, who is a younger sibling to the deceased man and lives less than a kilometre away from his home, told this publication that another odd thing was that the deceased never screamed or shouted for help when the fire ignited or when they were burning.

The extent to which their bodies were burnt was so horrifying, a resident found at the local market place and happened to have seen the corpses, said; “I shudder at the thought of what I saw.”

He said when neighbours noticed smoke coming out of his brother’s house at about 6pm, they never thought that the building was on fire but assumed they were cooking. However, later, a group of youngsters is said to have informed their parents that Dan’s house was seemingly on fire, which was then that an alarm was raised and all those who heard the call rushed to the homestead to find out what was causing the fire.

“When they got to the house, they found that the inferno had spread to the entire structure and they began shouting my brother’s name to find out if he was inside but there was no response, hence the people assumed that there was no one inside,” Zeblon said.

The residents are reported to have tried to put out the fire but failed, thus they decided to call the Fire and Emergency Services, as well as the police who arrived approximately 30 minutes later. Zeblon said the residents came to inform him about the fire at around 7pm and he quickly went to see for himself whereupon he joined the others in putting out the fire, but still, that was in vain.

“The fire personnel finally came and put out the fire and when they went inside the house they found my brother and his lover dead,” a sombre Zeblon said. He said his brother was found leaning against the wall, next to a burnt mattress while Busisiwe lay dead next to the only house window.

Everything inside the house was burnt to ashes, save for a few pots and dishes that were, however, covered in black smoke. Police PRO Superintendent Vusi Masuku confirmed the deaths and said Mbabane police were currently investigating circumstances that led to the death of the two lovers.

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