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Few things the Swazi govt should work upon

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By The Editor - SWAZI TIMES-27-Jul-2009



The Hhohho community would like to give great thanks to the Swaziland government for constructing the Mliba-Matsamo and Tshaneni road. This road is very beautiful and is useful to the nation and also will bring development. The Swaziland government should construct the Pigg’s Peak-Bulembu and Barberton road, to make it easy for neighbouring countries to bring development into Swaziland and it could be better to construct other two short roads such as; the Magoga- Pigg’s Peak road, about 30 to 40 kilometres as a bypass road to Buhleni Royal Residence.

The Magoga-Pigg’s Peak road is now in bad condition. It is not easy to use it during rainy season because there is a steep mountain, which is called Mdvonsa but if it can be tarred, it could be easily used and can be another short way to Ebuhleni Royal Residence. I think the construction of these roads can bring a prosperous civilisation to Northern Hhohho, Pigg’s Peak and to the Lubombo Sugar Companies, Matsamo, Barberton, Mananga, Lomahasha, Mhlumeni borders as well as to the Big-six Lavumisa.

Another issue is that in Swaziland there are only three vocation centres to rehabilitate the disabled people, basically at Mbabane, Malkerns under Manzini region and the last one at Nhlangano. No vocational rehabilitation centre in the Hhohho and Lubombo region, why? The Hhohho people only require a small vocational rehabilitation centre for the disabled people and another small one in the Lubombo region. On the other hand government should look and work on the issue of grants for the disabled people like bogogo nabomkhulu.

rehabilitation Disabled people in vocational rehabilitation centres make a lot of money for the government, after selling the goods while bogogo nabomkhulu bring nothing to the government but they are getting grant after every three months. Vocational rehabilitation centre at Malkerns needs to be improved by constructing about five or six flats for the staff accommodation because that place is in the forest and there are no rental houses and transport.

Concerned citizen Pigg’s Peak

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