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Donkey kills child

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PIGG’S PEAK – An impoverished nine-year-old girl sent on an errand to fetch water from a river with a donkey, died tragically when the animal turned on her on Friday morning.

The girl had inexplicably tied herself with a rope on the neck while giving guide to her grandfather’s donkey when the animal suddenly galloped and dragged her more than a kilometre, seriously bruising and killing her instantly.


The accident, which has left residents of Nsangwini reeling from shock, occurred at Meleti. Meleti is situated in the northern Hhohho between Nsangwini and Nyonyane.

It was gathered that the deceased, Nothando Dlamini, had gone together with her sister Nonhlanhla to fetch water in a nearby stream. They normally used the donkey to ferry the 20-litre containers.

Leading the donkey was the young girl while her sister followed behind.

The girl, who dropped out of school last year because of lack of funds, had tied a rope onto her neck which then was tied onto the donkey’s neck. It is said that just a few metres on their journey to the river, the donkey started galloping past the girl. It dragged her while in full sprint. This resulted in the rope tightening on the deceased’s neck, a thing that made it difficult to free her.

The speeding donkey dragged the girl into the thick bush and into rocky surfaces and injuring her in the process. According to sources close to the matter, her sister tried to stop the donkey but this could not bear any fruit as it simply outpaced the girl.

An 18-year-old boy who was on his way from school is said to have also tried to save the situation by trying to stop the donkey. Mpendulo Dludlu of Nkonyeni High school is said to have dropped his books and rushed after the donkey. He whistled to signal to the animal to make a stop. But still it never stopped until the arrival of two more men. Another man who was driving in a car is said to have jumped out of the moving vehicle and tried to outpace the animal.


Brave Bhekinkosi Ngwenya, who was in company of another man, successfully cornered the donkey just near a ZCC building around Maguga. He finally freed the injured girl but she was already dead. According to a witness, the deceased had many injuries and visibly broken bones. “She had a huge fracture on her head and countless injures on her body. Blood was everywhere and it was a sorry sight,” revealed the witness.

Police were called into the scene and found the donkey tied onto a tree. Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Superintendent Vusi Masuku confirmed the incident. He said the Pigg’s Peak police are investigating the matter. The donkey or ass, is a domesticated member of the horse family.

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