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Georgeous Avanian- SA’s next best thing in music

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Swaziland was treated to a rare talent of beat boxing by South African artist, George Avanian who is popularly known as Georgeous.

This was during The Game’s show at Mavuso Trade Centre and during the show’s pre party at Cafe de Flore. He played many different tracks using his voice and this truly excited those who attended the shows. Some even suggested that he was only miming and a CD was playing in the background because the guy is very talented.

Gcwala got an exclusive interview with Georgeous and he told us about his background and life journey until now. Georgeous is only 18-years-old but that can be disputed by the fact that he drives a Hummer, bought with his own money. He said the biggest misconception was that he was just a white boy with rich parents, yet that was not so, as he made all his money.

The talented artist said he paid his school fees for the rest of his high school. He said he started his music career when he was very young as music was always in his blood and his family members are also avid music lovers.


He also said he believed that success was 5 per cent talent and 95 per cent hard work. He also said he performed in clubs in his home country from a very young age and also used to work in a restaurant during his school years. He added that he also owns a company in South Africa which is called Beat Box South Africa. He also said he was also sponsored by Sneakers chocolate and that can be seen from his car as it is branded with the company’s name.

He said although he had become successful in life, he knew that education was very important and that was why he had enrolled for a degree in Media and marketing. He also advised every teenager that education was indeed very important and that they should work hard to achieve great things in life.

So far, he has toured Europe and visited countries like France, where he performed alongside international DJs. He also performed alongside international artists such as Wyclef Jean.

He promised that he would release an album soon and in the next month, people could see him on South Africa’s Got Talent.

Beat-boxing has always stemmed from Rhythm, Blues and Hip-Hop, his unique talent however lies in his ability to combine the above and if the crowd demands, he easily incorporates other popular genres, such as, House, Classical, Jazz, Rock or Pop into a symphony of music that lifts, invigorates and moves crowds across all racial and cultural barriers, from the Sandton ‘Palms’ to ‘The Rock’ in Soweto! Georgeous moves the stage, moves unlike any other Beat-boxer on stage and is guaranteed to move any crowd... worldwide!

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