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Prime Minister issues targets for ministers

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MBABANE – Prime Minister Sibusiso Barnabas Dlamini has lived up to his words of ‘business unusual’ by compelling Cabinet ministers to either deliver what is expected of them or be fired.

The Premier has set performance targets for his Cabinet team, which must be achieved by the end of the year while others will be followed up even in succeeding years of their term of office or face the boot.

Cabinet ministers and their respective principal secretaries have appended their signatures on the 2009 Government of Swaziland Performance and Appraisal Programme (Ministries’ Targets and Activities) as commitment to achieving the laid-down targets by December 2009.


The PM has indicated that the set targets are intended to highlight a number of priority areas including health, education, food security and job creation – all of which are central to reducing poverty and increasing the standard welfare of Swazi citizens. When he took office, Dlamini stressed that ministers will sign contracts that face termination if they fail to deliver what the nation expects. He stressed that serving the full five-year term will not be automatic as it has been previously.


“Establishing time-bound targets is unquestionably an effective technique and valuable management tool for motivating and encouraging our ministers and senior ministry staff to play a robust part in meeting the nation’s priority objectives within a reasonable period of time,” the PM said in his foreword to parliamentarians when submitting the targets report recently.

The Head of Government said the ministries would report quarterly to the Policy and Programme Coordination Unit (PPCU) on progress towards achieving the performance targets. The PPCU will then review the progress before forwarding a report to Cabinet after which every ministry will submit to its parliamentary portfolio committee a copy of the report approved by Cabinet.


The programme will be extended into each subsequent year of the present administration, the PM said. This is the first time government or a Prime Minister has come up with a strategy that favours the public. In the past some ministers saw their terms of office through failure or no failure. It must also be noted that most Cabinet reshuffles were witnessed during the time of the current PM in the past.

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