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Scholarships under threat

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By The Editor - SWAZI TIMES-23-Jul-2009


l would like to express my personal views concerning this ‘free’ education most people are talking about these days.

I agree 100 per cent with the government’s provision of free education at Primary school level, but concerning secondary and gigh school education, I have many doubts.

1. Is there any guarantee that the quality of our children’s education will be up to standard?

2. Where will that money for free education come from? Are we not going to find ourselves heavily taxed to provide for that ‘free’ education?

3. What guarantee do we have that the legislators at Lobamba will not somersault and tell us that there are no more funds to offer scholarships for our children? Are we not going to find ourselves forced to pay for our children’s university and tertiary fees?

(What about the majority of parents who do not earn more than E3 000 per month? Will they be able to pay university fees for their children?)

Even at this very moment, are all Swazi youth getting scholarships?

May I also draw your attention to the fact that a majority of parents can afford to pay for their children’s school fees, and that +/-99 per cent of them cannot be able to pay for their children’s university and tertiary fees (sibocaphela kutsi imfundvo lephakeme ingagcini iyebantfwana beticebi).


Lastly, unions are wrong when they demand free education because they know very well that government can- not provide both free education and scholarships at the same time (Swazis have to choose between free education and scholarships). They are literally asking the government to withdraw scholarships for our children because Swaziland is not in a position to provide free education and scholarships at the same time (TIME WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH!).

P. Hlatshwayo

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