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Prostitutes face E15 000 fine

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REPORTS By ARTHUR MORDAUNT - swazi times-22-Jul-2009

MBABANE – Prostitutes face fines of up to E15 000 if they are convicted of committing prostitu-tion.

Alternatively, they can spend as many as six years in jail for the crime.

The Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill, 2009 prescribes these penalties for prostitutes. Section 17 (1) of the Bill states: A person who intentionally lives wholly or in part on rewards, favours or compensation for the commission of sexual acts or sexual violations by another person commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding six years or to a fine of E15 000.

The proposed law states, however, that if the person committing this offence is a child, she may not be convicted. The law defines a child as someone below the age of 18 years.

Sentence The fine and jail sentence referred to above applies to people who make a living from earnings of prostitutions. The Bill also proposes a penalty of E20 000 or a jail term not exceeding 10 years for people who benefit from prostitution. Those who recruit others to join the profession also face arrest.

A person who procures another to engage in prostitution commits an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or to a fine of E20 000 or both, but where the victim is a child the term of imprisonment shall not exceed 20 years without an option of a fine, states Section 15 of the Bill.

It also prescribes a similar fine (not exceeding E20 000) for someone who operates a brothel. According to the Bill, it will not matter whether the person owned the brothel or was a manager but so long as he or she was assisting in its running that person will be liable. It will be a defence though if the individual can prove that he or she was not aware that place was being kept or used as a brothel.



MBABANE - Exposing ones private body parts including genitals, breasts and anus will land indiviuals in hot water.

The proposed law imposes a fine not exceeding E6,000.00 or three years in jail for an individual who contravenes this law. It will be a crime when this is done for the sexual gratification of that person or a third party.

However, it can be a defence of the accused that the exposure was done for cultural purposes or breastfeeding in the case of women.

The accused can also defend himself if the act was done for medical purposes, gathering evidence or by a parent who might be checking if the child has been sexually violated.

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