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conjoined twins pass on

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MBABANE - The conjoined twins who were taken to South Africa on Thursday to receive medical observation from medical specialists have since died.

They are said to have died at a private hospital in South Africa. It could not be gathered as to when exactly the twins died as the Ministry of Health officials were only informed about the twins’ death yesterday morning. The twins were given birth by a 22-year-old mother at the Hlathikhulu Government Hospital two weeks ago.

They were then taken to the Mbabane Government Hospital before being transferred to South Africa. The twins were joined from the neck, having two heads but one body in which they shared limbs and the vital organs including the heart.

When the twins died, specialists were reported to be busy assessing their condition and looking at possibilities of them being operated. When they left the country, they were accompanied by their mother, who has not yet returned to the country. The death of the twins in South Africa was confirmed by Health Minister Benedict Xaba who said he had received a phone call informing him of the news.

“I have just heard the sad news. However, I do not have much information as when I was informed about the death, I was in a meeting,” said the minister. Also confirming the death was the Acting Director of Medical Services Dr. Vusi Magagula. “We have already been informed that the twins have died. However, it is too early to give out more information,” he said. When asked which private hospital the twins were in, he said he could not divulge those details yet. Asked if specialists had begun operating on the twins, Magagula said they had still been observing them and they were still busy conducting the tests.

“The operation was far from being conducted, as tests were still being done. The tests were to be the determining factor,” he said.

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