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PM wants to ban lotto from Media

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MANZINI – Government is considering banning the advertisement of gambling in the government media.

This was announced by the Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Barnabas Sibusiso Dlamini yesterday during a meeting with grantees and managers of mission schools that was held at the Nazarene Teachers Training College.

The PM then expressed hope that other media houses would take leaf from the same book and follow suit. Dlamini noted that the country’s youth has been lured, often through modern technology such as cellphones, into a life obsessed with gambling.

“It also creates the false illusion that happiness can be gained from winning a large amount of money from a bet when in fact it often achieves little more than jealousy and quarrelling as we have recently witnessed.

“Usually, given the odds involved, a gambler is simply throwing away scarce resources,” the premier said. He said government had a responsibility to ensure that all such activities do not dominate our society and risk corrupting children, and turning Swaziland into a nation of gamblers. Dlamini then appealed to the grantees and managers of mission schools to use their influence of the mission schools to continue promoting and rewarding respect for good moral values in their schools.

He further encouraged them to speak out at every opportunity to guide others. One of the popular games running is Top Lotto. Comment from the company’s Director Victor Gamedze could not be obtained as his mobile phone rang unanswered.

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