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Sex videos, loud music in buses investigated

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MANZINI – The Swaziland Commercial Road Transport Association (SCARTA) has commissioned committees to investigate reports that some public transport vehicles play sex videos.

The committees made up of representatives from bus operators, mini buses and kombis were commissioned during a meeting held on Thursday last week. SCARTA Secretary Ambrose Dlamini said the committees looked for the vehicles that had the sound systems, TV sets and DVD players. He said they also conducted interviews with the drivers and conductors.

Dlamini said the committees were expected to deliver a report to the executive committee today. “It is the report that will give a clue on what is happening,” he said.

Concerned Dlamini said though the complaints had not reached the SCARTA office, they preferred not to take them lightly because they were concerned about good customer care. The concerns were raised in the media last week by a concerned parent who had boarded one of the vehicles that was playing sex movies yet children were part of the passengers.

Another concerned customer brought a complaint about the blaring music that is played in the vehicles. “Even if you are expecting an important call, you can’t receive it because you can’t hear the caller. One day I was sorting out funeral arrangements and I could neither make nor receive calls whilst still in the kombi. “When I asked the conductor to tell the driver to reduce the sound, I got a threat that they would drop me off,” he said. Dlamini could not specify what action would be taken against those who would be found to be practicing this bad thing.

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