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Prince Sicalo is safely back home

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MBABANE – Lieutenant Prince Sicalo, the first-born son of His Majesty King Mswati III, is now safely home.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Clifford Mamba, in an interview yesterday said the pri- nce, who jetted out of trouble-riddled Libya on Friday, arrived in the Kingdom on Saturday night.

Mamba said Prince Sicalo landed in Johannesburg and was chauffeured home on Saturday through the Ngwenya Border Gate.

"I must say that govern- ment is very much pleased that the Prince is now back home and is looking fine," he said. "It is without a doubt that the safety of the prince has been guaranteed by God throughout his stay in Libya."

A highly-placed royal source said the prince was more than content to be back home. PS Mamba said he was not yet sure whether the prince would return to the trouble-torn land of President Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to complete his military studies.

Prince Sicalo left the country about three years ago to undergo military training in Libya. He is said to have completed his course over a year ago and was busy learning to fly military aircraft when the problems began. For over a week, officials at the King’s Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked tirelessly in a bid to evacuate the prince from troubled Libya.

David Cameron, the English prime minister, yesterday sent a message to besieged Colonel Gaddafi, telling him to relinquish power forthwith.

‘Advise ministry if you reside in foreign country’

MBABANE – Clifford Mamba, the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Intern-ational Cooperation, has advised Swazis to inform the ministry should they elect to reside in a foreign country.

In an interview yesterday, he said it would not be a bad idea for Swazis to register with the ministry immediately they find employment on foreign soil. "Such registration will definitely help the ministry know the number of Swazis residing in foreign countries and their exact location," he said.

The principal secretary said it was the duty of government to help evacuate Swazis from trouble-torn countries, adding that it was of paramount importance for every citizen to inform the ministry of his/her next destination in a foreign land. "By such advice, we’re not at all trying to track down people living in foreign countries, but it helps during difficult times to know how many Swazis are staying in that troubled country," he stated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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