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Gadhafi presents King with 6 camels

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MATSAPHA – A gift of six camels to His Majesty King Mswati III from Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi arrived yesterday.

The two females, one male and three calves (two female and a male) camels were on board a cargo plane, Trans Attico Cargo. The plane with the king’s precious gift from Gadhafi, landed at the Matsapha International Airport at about 4pm. Notably, the plane did not land at the usual tarmac, but near the airport’s Swaziland Fire and Emergency Services’ station, which is about 500 metres from the main airport.

When it landed, the king’s Private Secretary Sam Mkhombe and his delegation went to meet the flight crew. After exchanging pleasantries, the animals were loaded into two government trucks to a destination that was not disclosed for security reasons.

Attention The off-loading and loading took almost an hour, and the animals were seemingly agitated by the attention from the members of the public. Minister of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze was the only Cabinet minister present during the hand-over of the gift.

In an interview, Dr Abubaku Bellazi said the country’s weather was suitable for the camels. However, he was quick to state that he was not well versed with the country, but hoped the animals would do well. Mkhombe said a team of veterinaries were working round the clock to ensure that the king’s gift survived in the country. About the camels’ worth, Dr Bellazi said: “I do not know, but what I know is that they are a gift from the leader to the king. And of note, these are a special breed.” The veterinary said they left Libya on Tuesday, and were expected to jet out of the country today.

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