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Nothing wrong with swim-wear pics

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MBABANE – In a swift turn of events, the Miss Swaziland committee has declared that as a matter of principle, there is nothing wrong with the finalists’ swim-wear pictures.

This was disclosed by the committee’s Public Relations Officer, Rheodora Isaacs, yesterday. She said the swim-wear pictures were part and parcel of the contest’s process technicalities, thus they were crucial and set the tone for the contest’s failure or success.

She clarified that the swim-wear pictures were taken specifically for the finalists’ use in cases where they would be interested to pursue a career in modelling. She countered the claims that the pictures were offensive to Swazi culture and values by revealing that this had been the procedure since time immemorial.

She highlighted that the pictures get to be showcased on the night of the main contest, which is on July 25. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the swim-wear pictures. The pictures are strictly for the girls, especially those who would like to venture into a modelling career.

For being offensive to Swazi culture and values, we really don’t get the logic behind it. A lot of the country’s values and culture’s custodians grace this event and have never raised this issue in any forum,” said Isaacs. She also clarified that the only aspect where the committee admitted guilt was that of having its photographer, Steve Hall, not selecting the pictures that were suitable to appear in the media.

She added that Hall had worked with the committee for many years and he would not do anything wrong with regard to Swazi values. The pageant’s licence holder, Vinah Mamba-Gray last week conceded guilt with regard to the swim-wear pictures. She (Mamba) further requested that this publication stops publishing the swim-wear pictures. Efforts to get Hall’s clarity on the matter proved to be futile as his mobile phone was not available on the MTN network.

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