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Department ‘sells water at E250/5 000 litres’

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LOBAMBA –Deputy Senate President Ngomyayona Gamedze has alleged in Senate that some government departments are selling water at E250.

The E250, he said, was for filling up a 5 000 litre tank in areas hard hit by the shortage of water supply. This was heard during the debate of a motion calling upon the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy to table an action plan on the provision of water to regions hard hit by the acute shortage of wa-ter. “I just wonder if government has a harvest system of water, as we end up competing with some departments who sell water for E250 per 5000 litres,” said the Senate Deputy President.

Illegally Chief Nkondlo sought clarity from Gamedze as to whether the water was sold illegally or not. “That I can leave to the minister to respond to as I am not aware of the legitimacy of the sale but what I do know and can prove is that water is being sold to the rural folks at the price I have just mentioned,” answered Gamedze. Minister of Natural Resources and Energy, Princess Tsandzile in response said all concerns raised in the house would be taken into consideration.

The Senators said it was time government solved the shortage of water in rural areas once and for all. Seriously Senator Themba Msibi said it was time the issue of water provision was taken seriou-sly. “People living in the rural areas now take us as a joke, as they say each time the house runs out of ideas we raise the water issue,” said the sena- tor. The motion which was seconded by Senator Prince Magudvulela who said the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy should table within 60 days an action plan on the provision of water to the regions which face acute shortage of water and rely on the disaster programme for survival. Senator Edgar Hillary said the ministry should include at least a paragraph about the disadvantages of drawing water from bore-holes.

Drilling The senators were also of the idea that the drilling of boreholes should be done away with. “Boreholes have proved to be a headache to many Sw-azis. “How many are these rigs and who has access to them as we hear that some broke down at certain homes of individuals,” asked Senator Bhutana Dlamini.

Waste The senators viewed water drilling rigs as a waste of finances, as they end up useless while another senator said water drilled is salty. The senators were for the idea of harvesting water through accessing them from the rivers and dams. “How many people access water from the Maguga project for domestic purposes?” asked Msibi.

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From:SWAZILIVE CORRESPONDENT - Swaziland (16-Feb-2010)

Comments:i know i'm at the wrong website to comment, i actually don't want to comment about these. I have a serious problem which i want the goverment or whoever to help me , and if it's possible i will be glad to get my help after 3 months. We need water we grew without water in our community and it's been a long time but still there is no improvement. The only places that get everything is the cities which is unfair. I am talking about ka Hhohho by Pigs Peak. i will be glad if u can reply on my email just to know if we geting any help or not, and if not i am going to take another step.

From:zinhle Dlamini - Somalia (16-Feb-2010)

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