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Get free condoms from airtime vendors

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MBABANE – Airtime buyers will get free condoms from Swazi MTN airtime vendors.

Actually, this will not apply to those who buy airtime only, but anyone can stop a vendor and request for condoms. Both male and female condoms will be distributed by the vendors.

The condoms will be free as the concept is meant at getting people to have access to condoms easily, anytime and anywhere. MTN is in partnership with Population Services International (PSI) and the National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS (NERCHA).

The vendors will be given handbags which will be loaded with both male and female condoms every time they purchase their units from MTN. This was unveiled during a lecture session held at the Mbabane Club yesterday, where MTN was teaching the vendors about the dangers of HIV/AIDS.

The vendors responded with wild cheers when the idea was unveiled to them by the company’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Mpumelelo Makhubu. Makhubu told the vendors that they would still take them for training about the pandemic as well as about use of condoms. “We are yet to launch the whole project in a big event, but for today we thought we should let the vendors know what we have in store for them. The bags will be given to them for free and we felt since they play a pivotal role in selling airtime everywhere, the best way of joining the fight against HIV is to team up with them and distribute the condoms,” explained Makhubu.

Asked when the condoms would be available with the vendors, Makhubu said with the training in line, he believed they would be available in a space of a month from now. There are about 5 000 registered airtime vendors at the moment, according to Makhubu, in the country

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