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Swazi women post naked pics to USA ‘hubby’

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MBABANE – A large number of Swazi women have fallen prey to an Internet scam that has seen them sending their nude photographs to an American man they have never seen or spoken to.

The women who were duped responded to a letter published in various newspapers in the country, wherein the man, whose name is Willard Windsor, expressed his wish to marry a Swazi woman.

He called upon interested women to communicate with him by way of email, and said he would come to Swaziland during the FIFA World Cup to meet and marry the woman who caught his fancy. The FIFA World Cup was held in June and July in neighbouring South Africa.

Calsile Simelane* is one of the women who responded to the letter and now regrets it. Simelane said she wrote her first email to Windsor the very same day the letter appeared in the newspaper and he responded immediately asking her to send him her photograph.

"I first emailed him a photograph of myself sitting in my office and, I remember, he said I was the most beautiful woman of all others who had responded to the letter. He said he had shown my photograph to his 12-year-old daughter and she approved of me," Simelane said.

She said for the next several emails they discussed their families and hopes for the future, and he later told her that he had decided to discount all the other women and concentrate on her. "I really fell in love with him. We discussed my relocation to the United States of America and he even suggested that on my first trip there I could take a friend along to keep me company as I adjusted to the move," she said.


She said about two weeks into the relationship he asked her to send him her photographs wearing nothing but underwear. "He wanted to satisfy himself that the clothes were not hiding anything that might prove to be too much for him to accept when he eventually got here," Simelane said.

She said this seemed a reasonable enough explanation to her so she sent the photographs the following morning. She said he responded quicker than usual and praised her beauty and body. She claims that is when he asked her to send her a nude photograph of herself.

"I felt like I knew him and I thought he was in America so no one I know here would ever see the photographs, so I had my sister take the photos that evening and I emailed them the following morning," Simelane said. She said he never responded after receiving those photographs, and she sent him countless messages in the weeks that followed and he never replied.

"I thought he had seen something he did not like in the photographs and I was depressed for a while but then I got over it and moved on with my life," Simelane said. She said she had put this issue behind her when, months later, a friend let slip that she had also responded to the letter and sent the photographs, which included nudes.

"We compared notes and there was only one notable difference in our stories. To my friend he said that the reason why he needed the nude photographs was that he wanted to be sure that she was female because there apparently had been males who tried to pass themselves off as females," Simelane said.

She said it was then that they realised that this had all been a scam by this man to get nude photographs. She said she sent him one last email telling him that she was on to him and he should stop playing around with people’s feelings. "True to form he did not respond to that last email," Simelane said.

A questionnaire was emailed to Windsor informing him about these allegations and he responded within hours saying, "I have only one thing to say about the questions you are asking me and that is, I never forced anyone to do or send me anything. I sent them something and they sent me something. I cannot help how they feel about me now. That is as far as I will address this."

...he asks for Times reporter’s photo in underwear

MBABANE – To test the veracity of *Calisile Simelane’s claims, this reporter created a free email account under the name Winile Dlamini and started communicating with Willard Windsor.

This account was created on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 and an email was sent to Windsor and presented as a 25 year old Swazi woman who had just come across an old newspaper with his letter and was asked if he was still looking for a lady to marry.

Windsor responded a few hours later stating that he was still looking because he had been disappointed with the respondents over the months. He attached his photograph to that first email and asked ‘Dlamini’ to send a couple of her photos. ‘Dlamini’ responded by saying that she was having problems with her computer and she would be able to send the photos later in the week. He did not take this well as he suggested suspending the communication until she could send the photos.

On Wednesday ‘Dlamini’ assured him that she would send the photos on Thursday.

On Thursday morning ‘Dlamini’ found the following email from Windsor; "Hello my dear Winile, it’s the middle of the night here and I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t wait to see what you look like. What did you think when you saw my photograph? I don’t know how to put this across without offending you so I will just lay it out for you. I have been conned so many times in this process that the only way I can trust that you are who you say you are and your intentions are above board is if you send me photographs in your underwear.

"This will assist me determine whether you are really a woman or not and it will prove to me that you are open and committed to making this work."

In a space of 48 hours, this is where communication with Windsor led so ‘Dlamini’ did not respond because she did not have photographs to send to Windsor.

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