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By The Editor - SWAZI TIMES-10-Jun-2009

Mr. Editor kindly convey my concern on the story that appeared on May 6, 2009 headlined “Pupils caught having sex during revivals”.

Illicit relationships among young people should be strongly discouraged, especially in churches, otherwise such blurbs will continue running like adverts in our local newspapers. Young people should be told the truth and be also cautioned about the dangers of contravening the word of God, irrespective of where they are and who see them.

Worth saying is that God gives and forgets, just like when he forgives. I came across a line in the story that says ‘Delilah, a praise and worship singer was earlier said to have sent the church to spiritual frenzy’. If God has given you a gift, even when you opt to forsake him, he doesn’t part with his gift but it remains in you until death succumbs you.

That is why I am not perturbed by scandal reports by gospel singers. The devil prefers using singers to fulfill its evil intention, after that has been executed the only appreciation the devil give is death.


It’s like people have forgotten so soon that satan was the pioneer in the field of music, all these scandalous gospel singers are therefore sons of the devil. ‘Like father like son’ so goes the saying. Now! As a church after coming across such news, we need to stand up and pray for the gospel singers as the bible says, “if anyone of you gets weak along the way, pray for him that he may regain strength’.

I would lastly request the authorities or whosoever mandated to decide on the fate of the two in question to handle the matter maturely. The church can excommunicate the two from executing the church activities until God says yes, otherwise they should not be disturbed from their studies, as they still deserve to live a happy life and wear the smile for life, despite what has befallen them.

Remember that when your child has exceedingly infuriated you and you have the obsession of carelessly punishing or abandoning him, it is exactly when the child needs your love, presence and security, when all these are least expected of you.

Ntokozo C Dlamini GEBENI.

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