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Shembe claims credit for rain

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By Faith Vilakati - SWAZI OBSERVER-09-Jun-2009

THE Nazareth Babtist Church known as Shembe has claimed credit for the light rains that are falling through the country.

The church spokesperson Mhlephila Mthethwa said the leader of the church Vimbeni Shembe was expected to leave the country today for KwaZulu. “We enjoyed our stay in the country. We are happy that now that we are leaving there is rain in the country and we believe that it is proof that the Lord has heard our prayers. “When we arrived there was no rain but today chances are high that rain will fall,” he said.

The leader and his entourage is expected to leave the Isabelo Home based at Lozitha at exactly 7:30 am and head for Linda Temple at Kwanongoma. He stated that it would be the first time in the history of the church for the leader to visit two kingdoms consecutively. Mthethwa said they would spend two weeks at Kwanongoma which is the same number of weeks the leader and his followers spent in the country.

He said they were happy with the reception they received from the country and thanked His Majesty King Mswati III, the Queen Mother and the Swazi nation for the warm welcome the Royalty gave them. He said they would be happy to visit the country again next year and pleaded with the church members to pray for their safe journey to KwaZulu.

Mthethwa applauded the local church members for their good behaviour since the conference began a week ago.

Meanwhile, the Shembe leader visited the Ludzidzini Royal Residence last Sunday where he had a private meeting with His Majety King Mswati III. After the meeting the church members showcased their dancing skills to the King, Queen Mother, Royal family and the entire Swazis who were at Ludzidzini.

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