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BETHANY – The two week long revivals for members of the Nazareth Baptist Church, alias KaShembe, ended on a high note on Sunday.

The next item on the agenda is the holy month of July when members are not expected to among other things, engage in sex.

The services ended with the departing of one of the most holy items in the church known as the Ark of Covenant, which saw everyone bowing with respect as it passed. Speaking to two staunch members of the church, Matsanjeni South Member of Parliament Qedusizi Ndlovu and Ntshanini High school teacher Nkosinathi Nhlabatsi, they noted that the services went well.

Worship On Sunday, it was the last day as they performed Umgidzi which was described as a praise and worship through feelings. The two worshippers said the revival on the last day was like they were in war with evil spirits after having completed two weeks living a holy life.

They said during the services they were not engaging in sexual practices and on the last day they began to pray at 10.30am and were supposed to close at 3.45pm. The closing ceremony was supposed to be done officially by the King of Ekuphakameni, after having seen the Ark of Covenant (umphongolo wesivumelwane).

The Ark of Covenant departed on Sunday after having arrived in the country on May 31. “It will be taken to Linda near King Zwelithini’s palace in KwaZulu Natal where it will stay for the whole of July which is the holy month for the Nazareth church,” they said.

They said there were three holy months on the church’s calendar, which are January, July and October. During the holy month, they are not supposed to engage in sex, or eat bread that has been baked using yeast or baking powder. At the services many people were baptised. During the Sunday service men and women were dressed in traditional regalia.

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