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‘You can now apply for personalised number plates’

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MBABANE- The moment many motorists have been awaiting has come, as they can now apply to have personalised number plates.

This was announced by the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Paul Nkambule yesterday. He said people had been eagerly waiting for the personalising of registration plates.

"With effect from today (yesterday), people can apply for the personalised number plates. However, we will concentrate on those whose vehicle licences that expire on September 30 otherwise we would not be able to handle the influx," said Nkambule. He said as per the advert published early this week, "there are procedures that must be followed."

The advert concerns the introduction of a new motor vehicle registration system, which also caters for the personalised number plates. The process is off-set by acquiring a verification of your vehicle’s chassis number. "The first stage is to present the motor vehicle (with registration book and vehicle owner’s national identity Card) with the old registration to the Royal Swaziland Police for verification of vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number," he said.

The verification can be done at the Mbabane Police Station, Manzini Regional Police Headquarters, Nhlangano Regional Police Headquarters, and Siteki Regional Police Headquarters. "The next stage is to approach the revenue offices to have a new number allocated with a validation label for the same number. The cost of the validation label is E65 excluding annual vehicle licence fees," added Nkambule.

He said the numbers shall be allocated sequentially. "Those interested in obtaining personalised number plates may, after acquiring the new number, collect application forms at the revenue offices and at the ministry’s road transportation department accounts office," he said. The applicant is expected to pay E200 to process the application, with the form being deposited in the roads department.

"The form shall be captured and sent to the Personalised Motor Vehicle Number Plate Committee for review. The applicant shall then be notified of the application status. If approved, the applicant is required to pay the allocation fee of E1 800," said the PS.

The money is payable with Roads Department and the proof, thereof, forwarded to the Committee. A motorist must then surrender his or her old number plate in order to be furnished with the personalised registration plate.

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