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SWAZI OBSERVER - By Musa Ndlangamandla-04-Jun-2009

HIS Majesty King Mswati III has assured the world that the Government of Swaziland is studying Zimbabwe’s Recovery Programme with the view to identify key areas where the former can assist in the latter’s rehabilitation strategy.

An announcement will be made soon on areas of cooperation. His Majesty also expressed his keenness to have a Joint Bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed between the Kingdom of Swaziland and Zimbabwe for cooperation in such areas as trade, sports, cultural exchange programmes and tourism. His Majesty made the remarks yesterday in Harare, Zimbabwe where he is currently on a State visit. He is accompanied by Inkhosikati Make LaGija.
His Majesty emphasised that there could be no prosperity in the Southern African region if one of its own, such as Zimbabwe still faced some difficulties. “It is for this reason that the region is doing everything within its power to assist this great country. My government is currently considering the programme to determine where we can be of support. We are also looking at how best we can enhance our trading relations with Zimbabwe in an effort to stimulate our economic development,’ the King said. His Majesty added that the two countries needed the agreements to be used as a leverage for development.
“I look forward to the establishment of a Joint Bilateral Cooperation Agreement where our two countries can cooperate in health, the fight against HIV and AIDS, in sports, culture and tourism development to name just a few. Such programmes can be a catalyst in the development of our two countries,’ he said. The King noted that for any country’s progress to be assured, there was the strong need for peace and cooperation between the government and people. He expressed his confidence that the people of Zimbabwe were willing, able and eager to support the inclusive government as it pushes key priority areas for success. “As Swazi nation we are aware that one of the key functions of government is to create an environment for the private sector to flourish and also to provide safety and security in the land we live in. “This is the mammoth task that is before the inclusive government and requires patience from all levels of society,” he said.

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