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Thor (PTY) Ltd gets E2.6m Jozini tender

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MBABANE – The Royal Jozini Big Six Resort has awarded Thor (PTY) Ltd a tender worth E2.56 million for the construction of the seventh lodge on the resort.

The lodge will be constructed on Lot No.21.

The resort has six lodges and three out of the six have been completed, while the remaining three are at various stages of construction. On average, each lodge costs E3.5 million.


According to Royal Jozini Big Six Corporate Communications Manager Sifiso Dlamini, the company awarded the tender was expected to be on site within 30 days of the award, as per the agreement. “An award of E2.56 million has been made to a locally registered company, Thor (PTY) Ltd and they will construct the seventh lodge. We are looking at having at least 15 lodges either completed or under construction at the end of the year.


“It is a requirement that all the companies that have been awarded tenders for the construction of the lodges source labour from the Lavumisa community, through the Lavumisa Community Trust,” Dlamini said. He said however, in instances where the required skills are not available among the Lavumisa community, the company could source the required skills elsewhere in the country as an alternative before going out of the country.


“This is because we want to empower the people of the Lavumisa community,” he said. Asked on what is used to check if the contracted companies followed this requirement, Dlamini said; “We have an inspector who visits all the companies to check if the contracted companies follow this requirement. “The contractors are also encouraged to form a joint venture with smaller companies formed by the people of Lavumisa on every job they attain.

“There are about 13 smaller companies that we had initially given work to but because they are small companies, we said they should form a joint venture with the bigger companies,” he added.


According to a statement issued by the Royal Jozini Big Six Resort, Swazi-based suppliers are encouraged to contact the contractor, Thor (PTY) Ltd in order to supply materials and services.

“Notice is hereby given that a tender for the construction of a lodge on Lot No. 21 in the amount of E2.56 million has been awarded to Thor (PTY) Ltd,” reads the statement in part. It also says Ewald Plekker Architects designed the lodge.

Royal Jozini developers won’t meet set targets

MBABANE – While completing the Royal Jozini Big Six development by 2010 did not form part of the project target, the developers will not meet some of their set targets.

According to Royal Jozini Big Six Corporate Communications Manager Sifiso Dlamini this was because realistically the development was a 20 year project. “We are supposed to build 900 lodges, a hotel, a golf course and many other structures and it is not possible to build all of these structures at once so completing the development by 2010 was not our target,” he said.


However, Dlamini said they had hoped that some of the lodges would have been completed this year. “Our hope was that these were not intended for the fans and tourists who will be coming for the 2010 FIFA World Cup but for other people who would want to visit even after the World Cup.

We are not going to meet some of our targets because of delays in the various aspects of the project, as well as the fact that some of our investors have asked to delay investing in the project because their businesses have been affected by the global economic crisis and are still recovering from it. We are on track, even though we have been delayed by 12 months but not all is lost,” he added.

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