Schools-Big Bend-Lubombo Region

The Edu-Care Centre

The Edu-Care Centre

Overview: Edu-Care Centre offers Pre-Primary Education with qualified teachers and assistants

Description: Choosing a Pre-School for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make in your childs life.
At the Edu-Care Centre in Big Bend, Swaziland, we believe that it is never too early to nurture and inspire individuals.
We pride ourselves in providing Service, Excellence, Education, and most importantly Love.
We offer smaller classes, qualified teachers, and supervision at all times.
Our children are divided into groups according to age and ability, We enrol toddlers of 2+ in our Junior Pre-School and four to five year olds in the Kindergarten Class. Children of 5+ enjoy a structured voyage of discovery in our Grade 0, preparing them for Primary School. Grade 0 children are also taught that computers are fun!

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